Old Meets New

Just saw this on the ever useful Gizmodo: a (concept) record player that appears decidedly futuristic. The idea being that it is small portable and apparently looks like a prop from the new Star Trek. It’s a beautiful design, done by Charlie Pyott, that humorously brings together old technology with (at least the appearance of) new ones. Here’s more info on the player, and be sure to poke around Pyott’s site a bit for more future-aimed designs. Concept designs like these are tricky because the designer obviously wants to make their product look attractive, but how generic is it resort to the “futuristic” aesthetic to do it? I obviously loathe how that design choice brings us little by little into a world modeled after mass media, but if nothing else it seems unoriginal. Images below.


And not that the above player isn’t awesome and desirable, but the following connection is too easy, so no disrespect to Mr.Pyott.

bikeImage from Charlie Pyott’s homepage: a proposed motorcycle design.

Extreme G.


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