Asimo (v)

asimo drinks

I just forgot a letter while googling “Asimov” (as in Issac) and realized the connection to Honda’s Asimo. Asimo is currently one of the most human-like robots out there, with the ability to distinguish sounds and faces – complete with 34 servo motors.  Wikipedia cites a hard copy saying that “the robot’s name is not a reference to science fiction writer and inventor of the Three Laws of Robotics, Isaac Asimov”, but is instead shor for Advanced Step in Innovative MObility – though if they’re not going for the Asimov reference why cheat acronym rules with MO?

If you go to the Asimo homepage you will be treated to a shamelessly futuristic loading screen. After that I encourage you to click through “EXPLORE ASIMO” then “INTELLIGENCE” (at the bottom) and finally “RECOGNIZING FACES & GESTURES” to see a freaky animation of Asimo’s laser eye scanning you ferociously.

Further research turned up the terrifying early prototypes of Asimo: E0-6. Several members of this timeline of human resemblance includes a bunch of fun emulations of the GNK Power Droid from Star Wars (or to use its suitably more adorbale name: Gonk).


Left: Asimo prototype E6.

Right: Gonk from Star Wars

While I couldn’t think of a clear visual parallel between Asimo and a ficitonal Bot, its overall aesthetic is so futuristic it isn’t really necessary to compare directly. Asimo is the sum total of hundreds of films, comics an works of fiction. Also check out the intimidating kill-bot that is Asimo prototye P2.


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