“Living in a science fiction novel”

Kim Stanley Robinson talking about the death of Future shock. A nice talk in line with Manifest Future, and the theory of real life modeling itself after Science Fiction. Also touches on the utopian codependency of capitalism and science. Much respect to Mr. Robinson for realizing the power of prose and not merely propagating its effects blindly. Click through for more videos from the talk at Duke university last week. Key Quote:

“I think it’s very true that we are living in a science fiction novel that we all collaborate on, and it’s because everything that science fiction was about through its historical named period, the twentieth century, has kind of come true. And also we live in a world that is so intensely structured by science and technology that we can’t get out of it. If we were to get out of it would still be a science fiction move, the retreat to the farm. So it’s hegemonic, you can’t escape it, we’re in that world created by science and technology”.

[Gerry Canavan via Boingboing]


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