Robot Consciousness Begins; A Conversation

Video from The New York Times, of journalist Amy Harmon conversing with a nonprofit owned AI in Vermont. The thing has crude mechanical head which theoretically helps the viewer bond with it and think of it as a person. The goal here – I suppose – is to understand the intricacies of off-the-cuff conversation and how that can be translated into bytes.  What’s particularly weird is that Bina48 is physically modeled after a real Bina, whose “recorded interviews, memories and thoughts” are further uploaded to the AI. Which, whaaat?

A human like AI in vermont

A presumably in-joke form the programmers, and my favorite part of the video:

Bina48: “Well let me say friendship is working together to accomplish something important – like building a better future, or conspiring to take over the planet. I feel like we’re good friends already.”

Harmon: “Sometimes I sort of wanted to throttle it, or at least switch it off.”


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