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Worse Than Shiny Blenders

So I ran across this today:

US Army Not Science Fiction

Yes, it’s the US Air Force, and yes, they’ve got holo-tables. A staple of science fiction, any futurist worth her jetpack should be pretty familiar with holographic interfaces, and what seems to be a particularly strong desire to have them shoot up out of tables:

darth vader atat hoth empire

holotable from avatar



But the ad I discovered today is not an isolated incident of future propoganda. No, here is the click-through page on filled with holographic future goodness, which boldly proclaims:


So once again, the accepted futuristic aesthetic is used as a seductive lure;  in this case, in much the same way that the US Army used the already-enjoyed-by-millions medium of video games as a recruitment tool. According to the page,  some of the supposedly futuristic things about today’s Air Force include:

REMOTELY PIOLETED AIRCRAFT:The fighting machines of the future are here today.

SPACE COMMAND: Controlling the higher ground begins with the Air Force’s satellite network.

COMBAT SEARCH AND RESCUE:  Saving lives requires the right team and the right equipment.

Hmm, not sure about that last one.  But anyway,  on to more important matters – do they have 3D holograms?

Short answer is: who knows? Judging from the following videos, I’d say that the tech is widespread enough that the USAF could probably build some dope war room light shows if they wanted, but then again it’s not like they’d show us. Though some quick searching turned up this amusing report of a plan to project a giant hologram of Allah above Baghdad (!) that was apparently put on the shelf in 1994.  Here is a selection of cool 3D holograms:

“He’s got a hologram!”


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