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iPad Future Round-Up


I’m going to try to bring more photo-documentation to Manifest Future, which means more snooping around for signs of the impending techno-future; but in the meantime I found it necessary to jump on the iPad bandwagon to briefly point out just how obnoxiously futuristic it is.

Above video snagged from Gizmodo’s January post about tablets in science fiction.

Xeni Jarden’s recent review in which she quotes the notorious Theo Gray on the iPad’s interactive book The Elements:

The Elements on iPad is not a game, not an app, not a TV show. It’s a book. But it’s Harry Potter’s book. This is the version you check out from the Hogwarts library. Everything in it is alive in some way.”

All in all, the iPad is unabashidly futuristic, in the same way that all of Apple’s products are – it just seems like as technology adances they (Apple) are more able to atain the high degree of futurist aesthetics that they seem to have always been striving for. Look at the smooth contours of the Pad’s case: there are no corners in the future.

The interface obviously has a kind of mass appeal, but the look of it has an awful lot in common with the kind of generic futurism seen in my post about Sci Fi software – which is is say that the actual going-ons of the thing are hidden behind a picture so sleek and sophisticated that people are meant to look past the act of hiding itself. Having played with one of the Pads this morning at the SoHo Apple store, I can verify that it really is just a big iPhone. The point of contention with people is that with its new capabilities it is threatening the jobs that are normally fullfilled by our big normal computers, and I for one am not looking forward to having my digital experience (which will soon be my total life experience) rendered through the cryptic stronghold of secret developers.


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