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Future Orbs

Google Chrome. What is that icon supposed to be? While this image might provide one answer, a more solid one would be that its just some futuristic doodad. As the obvious vehicle of future chasing, the Internet often appears rough around the edges, especially in the old days or with heavy amounts of add-on features. Setting aside the question of technical jousting between browsers, I don’t think anyone will disagree that Chrome looks the most futuristic. The others are getting there, but this is what I’m talking about:

Note the curved corners of everything, especially the tabs and the sort of generally minimal dehumanizing going on (related question: is minimalism futuristic? Answer in the comments).  Put on your favorite Sci Fi movie, go look at new models of cars or read this post; everything is getting curved. It’s probably a stretch, but I could easily throw in something about how technology “rounds out” the corners of things.

But back to the logo. Besides being a sort of one-track signifier of the futuristic, the Google Chrome logo appears itself to be some sort of handheld device – something that seemed familiar enough to warrant digging around. The similarities aren’t really relevant in a copyright sense, but in both the logo and the following video a futuristic orb denotes a rich world of technology. And I suspect it’s from mass exposure to Sci Fi, but I look at the Chrome logo and assume its about this size, don’t you?

Besides being a hopelessly lame show reel (which incidentally reminds me of bad commercials from the 90’s and therefore is regressive despite the insistence on being futuristic), the whole thing reeks of generic attempts to signify the technological future for the predicted associations with wealth, utopian society and the general coolness that makes us love this kind of stuff. The dog looks like it was cranked out of the same factory as Asimo or the iRobots. Here are some more examples of shiny round things:

A thermal detonator from Star Wars.

All Spark from Transformers

The Allspark from Transformers…


…and a pokeball.

Honestly I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton of them, because I vaguely recall dozens of movies where the heroes are rescuing/destroying some orb of power in the last few minutes. Post em’ if you got ’em.


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