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The Maps of Captain Future

Captain Future pulp cover

This is the first of a new series of posts, here, on Manifest Future.  As part of the ongoing efforts of the Rebellion for Autonomous Future (RAF), I have previously displayed excerpts from a pseudo-fictional archive of documents pertaining to the depiction of the future. Exhibited in January as The Tomorrow Archive, these documents come from an ever expanding collection – some of which I will start sharing here on the blog.

Following, we have some antique maps of off-planet settlements from the 1940-50’s pulp Captain Future. I ran across a book recently while perusing a Pittsburgh bookstore, called The Atlas of Fantasy (J.B. Post – Ballantine, 1979). Totally worth tracking down. These maps are the most relevant to the RAF due to their alluring visions of what the future holds, but the book chronicles all sorts of fascinating fictional cartography – from Burroughs to Lovecraft.

I’ll start posting more archival material in the future (ha).

Scanned fresh and posted large for your enjoyment. Note the predominant geometry of Futuria’s layout, an early emphasis on rockets, and the familiar domed cities of Pluto


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